I can be counted on to deliver

Having led global digital initiatives for MNCs such as Bosch, Philips, Heineken to e-commerce startups, i bring a pragmatic, analytical and measurable approach to digital initiatives.

i have held the position of CMO and Head of Product for Dunkin Donuts…



Brand Expression in the post-digital world

Advertising and Communication are now only one of the aspects of brand expression. In the post-digital world, brands live and thrive in marketplaces, search, social, discussion boards, live streams, social media, influencer mentions, CRM campaigns…
I connect the dots between online and offline across multiple
platforms – owned, rented and earned – to steer the brand narrative into a compelling and unified message.

Data Analysis and Reporting to inspire creativity and lead to business impact

“In God we trust, all others bring data” – originally said by W. Edwards Deming

Data-driven marketing has become the foundation of our decision-making process, but the challenge often lies in what data to include and where to look.

I bridge the gap between what-where to ensure marketing decision makers and creators have reliable and actionable data, visualized in dynamic dashboards to supply powerful and easily accessible insights that help bring teams on the same page.

China Digital Ecosystem Specialist

Having worked in the Greater China region (Hong Kong + China) for over six years, I had a front-row seat to China’s complex digital ecosystem and consumption patterns, and the tech and marketing scene that exists behind the great firewall. Outsiders must overcome a steep learning curve, particularly when it comes to the region’s driving forces Wechat, Tmall, and KOL/influencer marketing.

I have guided MNCs in navigating the Chinese marketing and digital world to build strong consumer propositions, go-to-market plans, channel mix, and media plans.

‘Conscious’ Project Leadership

Throughout my career, I have led and contributed to numerous impactful projects. From aligning stakeholders through thorough communication, proactively anticipating and planning solutions for bottlenecks, or iterating and enriching content as projects mature, I lead projects to achieve the results and add to value while driving individuals to contribute to her best ability.

In addition to knowledge and experience with project management concepts, I also have hands-on expertise with multiple project management tools.