A co-working space website that generates leads, sparks trials and builds brand equity

  • Preetikumar

    Marketing Associate

Posted on October 3, 2019 in Design


As many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to convert former factories to co-working spaces in post-industrial Hong Kong, the market became saturated and highly competitive for new entrants. Campfire Collective launched in 2016 with operations on two former industrial sites and called on Preeti to build their brand and web presence.

The site needed to have strong search rankings to serve Campfire’s lead generation needs, while also providing users with quick access to pricing and ability to schedule tours. Ownership also wanted to establish credibility in a fast-growing market and convey the core values of the Campfire community.


Preeti worked with Campfire’s ownership to identify their needs, desired voice, and preferred aesthetic. Highly experienced UI designer, Deepa Kamath, a partner at Amplify worked on creating the UI designs to keep the experience clean and intuitive, softly nudging the visitor to sign up for free trials. The spirit of Campfire was showcased via a unified digital identity that prominently featured events on the home page and positive member testimonials.

A clear information hierarchy was established and prioritized by the most common user needs, and the voice of the website was clear and considerate. Each page reflected the Campfire look with a deep carmine color offset with a soothing grey, chic photography, and a seamless UI inspired somewhat by The EIght Golden Rules of Interface Design. The copy was written in a clear and concise manner while still meeting SEO keyword requirements. 


Campfire consistently ranked on the first page of Google for the critical ‘coworking spaces Hong Kong’ and other relevant searches. Newsletter signups increased 2.5x after the site relaunch and online requests to tour the facilities doubled.

Julian, Campfire Brand Strategist
‘Amplify helped us capture the essence of Campfire into the digital space. They really understood our clientele and built the website based on our needs. We are extremely satisfied with their services and will continue to work with Amplify in the future.’