Deploying SEO and UX best practices to achieve 3X growth in acquisition and engagement

  • Preetikumar

    Marketing Associate

Posted on October 3, 2019 in Design


Art Gorgeous is an e-magazine for the art and fashion scene that approached Preeti in an effort to improve their audience engagement. Despite publishing quality content on a frequent basis, the e-zine’s website metrics showed a 58% bounce rate, 1.5 pages per session with sessions lasting only 1.15 minutes, and a mere 2.7% of visitors viewing more than three pages per session.


Preeti began by working with the founders to narrow down their business objectives and identify which metrics were critical for their business. She then diagnosed and prioritized the identified issues into short-term and long-term goals.

The initial focus included a UX overhaul and a site redesign that included new site architecture and navigation as well as updates to content and linking strategies to improve SEO. Next, Preeti’s team analyzed performance issues to reduce page load times, which led to a CDN deployment. The team also simplified and created strong incentives for mailing list sign-ups.

This engagement required use of several tools including Google Analytics, GTmetrix for performance analysis, and Moz and Ahrefs for SEO.


After four months, Art Gorgeous saw significant improvements to several of the KPIs tied to their success. The site’s bounce rate dropped over 50% to just 1.64% and pages visited per session climbed to 3.06, session duration grew nearly 25%, and over 20% of visits included more than three page views. Preeti’s SEO strategy was also proven successful as search engine traffic increased to account for over 70% of acquisition.

Client Testimonial:

“At the start of the project, Preeti invested time understanding our business and audience profile. Together with the team she laid out clear KPIs for the SEO project. Within 3 months of the project, our numbers on behaviour and conversion metrics improved significantly. Page views and average visit duration went up, with a drastic drop in the bounce rate. She had a collaborative approach, giving good training to the team.”