The A to Z of ecommerce for a jewelry store

  • Preetikumar

    Marketing Associate

Posted on October 3, 2019 in Design


Jade & Jewels was a three-year old bricks and mortar jewelry business in India founded by two sisters seeking to transition to an e-commerce business. The sisters engaged Amplify to establish an online brand identity, manage setup of full e-commerce operations, drive digital marketing and SEO strategy to gain leads and new customers, and help the brand pivot to an e-commerce mindset.


After extensively researching the online jewelry market worldwide and evaluating e-commerce options, Preeti selected Shopify as the e-commerce platform and proceeded to create the Jade & Jewels brand story for online audiences. Next she researched and identified payment and logistics partners, developed site terms and conditions including policy for refunds and claims, implemented an all inclusive pricing strategy with taxes and shipping built in, and implemented the Shopify site.

To attract customers to the new site, Preeti leveraged off-page SEO techniques, social media campaigns, web-based PR, and events marketing. Amplify also continued to execute social media marketing campaigns and newsletter marketing for the first six months.

Lastly, Preeti trained the Jade & Jewels team on how to maintain the site and social media cadence to build, engage, and sell to their audience.


This project led to the successful transition of Jade & Jewels into an omnichannel retailer with the shift in mindset for the founders, leveraging the online channel for sales and marketing and with the additional benefit of consumer research. After overcoming a steep learning curve, the founders went on to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and adjust their product portfolio and pricing to fit their needs, and they are now able to independently manage their online marketing and website.