Building an online portal for spas & wellness

  • Preetikumar

    Marketing Associate

Posted on October 3, 2019 in Design

JIdentity, Website, Digital Marketing

Founded by Preeti, Spabulous was born out of her passion for spas and the world of wellness. Her aim was to build Spabulous as a trusted online resource for reviews and information related to spas and wellness.

Preeti undertook a category study for online wellness platforms both in Hong Kong and globally, working with a UI designer to create an identity that presented luxury, poise, and relaxation.

The site used a modern Bootstrap framework with a WordPress theme to build a responsive and mobile-first site. The framework allows the developer to build a lightweight, modern, clean and attractive design faster than using a bottom up approach. The site leveraged a mix of widgets, plug-ins and third-party software to make the CMS highly-manageable while keeping the code light.

Preeti’s efforts included social media management for all platforms, ongoing content creation, and distribution.

•Creating a new identity • Establishing an online guide for wellness • Brand and social media • marketing strategy

Adhering to best SEO principles, the site generates more than 20K page views a month on limited content with regular requests for reviews and PR queries despite not being active on social media lately or publishing regularly.